The Belgian Benevolent Society is managed on a voluntary basis by an administrative council composed of several committees.



Vincent SOUMOY
President since 2022
Director since 20 21

Franco-Belgian, in Canada since 2012, physicist specialized in fluid mechanics, I have also been involved in digital turning for several years.

Involved for more than 30 years in volunteering, I have been a director of many music associations, parents of students, Rotary, etc. at the local, regional or national level.

I am delighted to join this Belgian team, already a hundred years old, to help my compatriots.

I accepted this mandate as president with the desire to make up for all the time lost during the pandemic.

Vice president

I have been a member and director of the SBB since 2016. I am passionate about the helping relationship.

My wish when I joined the SBB was to be able to support my Belgian compatriots in the difficult moments of life that we can all encounter one day or another.

What I like best about the SBB is meeting people of all ages and backgrounds and working closely with the other members of the Society's Board of Directors.

Vice-President since 2021 Director since 201


Mélanie PACHÉ
Secretary since 2022 Director since 2022

Brand new to the team, of a social and dynamic nature, with the project of being able to put my skills to use in helping others.

Franco-Belgian in Canada since 2020, I want to keep a link with my roots and my Belgian compatriots.

Formerly a social worker, kindergarten teacher and French teacher, I also have a DEP in secretarial work.

A whole journey that, I am sure, will serve the SBB's mission of support."


Being a volunteer and being part of the Board of the Belgian Benevolent Society gives me the opportunity to contribute to the Belgian community residing in Canada,

Putting my passion for a good cause as well as making meaningful connections with wonderful people, dedicating myself to a particular cause makes me feel like you have purpose and feel personal fulfillment knowing that you have made a difference in another person's life.

Treasurer since 2017
Director since 20


Support Committee Manager

Bernadette GENIN

Director since 20

Originally from Belgium and living in Canada for many years, I have kept a strong link with Belgium.

When I heard about the Belgian Benevolent Society, I wanted to make this link exist here with my compatriots.

Getting involved in helping people in difficulty also seemed natural to me because of my profession and I think that my experience can enrich the Society in the mission it has set itself.

The values that best define me are honesty, discipline and surpassing oneself. Value that I wish to communicate to the Belgian Benevolent Society.

I am committed to helping, listening, supporting the Belgian who is disoriented as the SBB did when I was young with my family.

I want to give it back to this company that celebrated its 100th anniversary recently…

Personally I am newly engaged. My hobbies are archery and chess and my job is a mason.

The maxim that drives me and defines me best: "There is no favorable wind for the captain without a destination."

Matthieu SEERS

Directoreur since 2022

Member Committee Manager

Cécile AMAND

Director since 20 22

In Quebec since 1995, I have always been involved in volunteer action since my arrival.

Whether it's soccer, the union of home educators, community gardens, helping others is what makes me shine.

I hope that I will be up to the challenges that the SBB will grant me.

Head of Scholarships

Born in 1963 in Tournai, in the province of Hainaut in Belgium, I left my native land in 1984 to settle in Montreal where I began studying History, Education and Literature.

In 1998, I began a teaching career at Vanier College where I still offer courses on ethics, knowledge, culture and philosophy.

It is with joy that I join the team of the Belgian Benevolent Society. Helping the Belgian community in Quebec and Canada is a privilege for me and I hope that my humble contribution will reach those in need.


Member of the team since 2022

Centenary Project Manager of the SBB

President of the Donation Campaign

President from 2019 to 2021
Director since 2016

Retired and happy grandfather of three grandchildren, the reason for his commitment to the SBB is to affirm his solidarity with the young, the old, the elderly and to keep in touch with these people in a world that has become increasingly impersonal.