The Belgian Charity Society

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The Belgian Charity Society is a philanthropic organization created to help anyone residing in Canada and linked to Belgium by marriage or ancestry, who is temporarily in need.

Composed of volunteers, the BCS follows the principles of listening, solidarity, sharing and commitment within our community.

Support services can take the following forms:

  • friendly and confidential listening,
  • moral support, home or hospital visits,
  • practical advice,
  • material or financial assistance,

… which often make it possible to overcome a temporary difficult situation.

In addition, a scholarship program is set up to support students in precarious financial situations. An excellence scholarship is offered to a student who stands out in his university studies.

SBB is a dynamic and dedicated team to support the Belgian community across Canada.

Several events are organized during the year for members and their friends, to which anyone wishing to support our community is warmly invited.

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