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Domaine Acer has been a sponsorship partner of the Belgian Benevolent Society for several years.

Nathalie Decaigny comes from an agricultural background. In 1996, she left Belgium for Quebec in search of the sacred fire.

Vallier Robert was 10 years old when his father, Charles-Aimé, taught him how to harvest maple water and transform it into precious syrup. The sap of 200 maples is harvested in the boiler with little means, but the seed is sown! Later, in 1990, Vallier discovered blueberry and honey wines. He has the spark: "And why not maple?With the family sugar bush as his playground and his accounting diploma in his pocket, he embarked on the maple-wine adventure!

Their paths cross. Vallier's dream becomes a common life project, Nathalie will never practice her profession as an agricultural engineer! His love of the land and his scientific background will rather contribute to the development of the project.

That same year, Domaine Acer obtained the very first artisanal permit for the production of maple-based alcoholic beverages.

We firmly believe that maple should be recognized for its exceptional character and distinctive identity. This is why we have chosen to move away from the "traditional" approach and highlight its richness by developing and refining a unique know-how, the fermentation of maple water into wines.

Magnifying maple through the creation of noble products that reveal all its finesse and complexity is our deep motivation. It also reflects our attachment to the land and our desire to make you discover our forest terroir and the singularity of our wines.


Vallier Robert and Nathalie Decaigny

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